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1st Dec 2012 : Introducing Reinnervate 3D Cell Culture

Reinnervate’s Alvetex® products enable scientists to perform routine 3D cell culture in almost any laboratory. The following attributes make alvetex® the perfect product for reliable and reproducible 3D cell culture:

  • Genuine 3D cell growth. Alvetex® has a highly porous and consistent scaffold structure that provides the ideal environment for cells to grow and proliferate in 3 dimensions. This helps to generate highly effective and reproducible 3D cell growth.
  • Easily switch between 2D and 3D cell growth. Alvetex® is made from the same inert polystyrene material as standard 2D cell culture plasticware. This gives researchers the confidence to switch easily between 2D and 3D cell culture experiments. Scientists can therefore continue to use the same cell culture media and reagents in both types of studies!
  • Ideal geometry for 3D cell growth. The geometry and dimensions of Alvetex® have been specifically designed to mimic a typical in vivo cellular environment. Alvetex® is 200 µm thick and no cell is more than 100 µm from a source of nutrients and gasses. This compares favourably to the typical in vivo arrangement where cells are generally no more than 150-200 µm away from a capillary.
  • Ideal for long term studies. Alvetex® is inert and highly stable, even during long-term cell culture. This means you can avoid any potential experimental variability even over long-term studies.
  • No new equipment is required. Alvetex® is compatible with existing standard cell culture plates from all manufacturers and does not require the use of additional equipment.
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