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19th Sep 2013 : Freezer Mill End Plug Extractors

Spex have made it simpler for customers to retrieve samples after grinding them in the Freezer/Mill®. Just insert the frozen vial into the extractor cradle then press down the handle to remove the end plug of the vial. You won't need to twist the end caps to remove them from the vial. The extractors also features suction cups that secure the unit to the bench top allowing for one handed operation. End-plug extractors are available for microvials and small vials.  

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11th Sep 2013 : iPad Winner

Peter Ritchie from Victoria University was the lucky winner of our iPad draw.

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13th Aug 2013 : New Analox Distribution Deal Opens Up NZ Market

Analox Sensor Technology has agreed a new distribution deal which will enable it to supply the scientific market across New Zealand.

 A distribution agreement is now in place with Total Lab Systems Ltd, a New Zealand-based supplier of high-quality products for use in research, clinical and industrial applications.  Total Lab Systems Ltd will now supply Analox Sensor Technology’s range of equipment designed for gas monitoring in laboratories, including the Ax50 carbon dioxide alarm and the O2NE oxygen depletion monitor.

Total Lab Systems Ltd has been established in New Zealand for more than 20 years, building strong relationships with the scientific industry throughout the country. 

Mark Lewis, managing director of Analox Sensor Technology, commented: “Total Lab Systems has similar business values to ours, focusing its efforts on supplying the most appropriate solutions to issues faced by its clients.  It prides itself on its efficiency, and exceptional service, as do we at Analox.  This makes it a great pairing, and we’re very pleased to have the distribution deal in place with them.

 Julia Greeks, marketing manager for Total Lab Systems, added: “Working with Analox Sensor Technology is really exciting for us and our clients.  We are now able to supply our clients with high-calibre gas monitoring equipment to ensure health and safety in their work places.  This is an exceptionally valuable addition to the range of products we supply.”

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1st Aug 2013 : Our A&D Balance in Kenya

Chris Clark from Plant and Food Research helped to set up a small lab in Kenya for avocado producers. He purchased an A&D FZ500i which included free data logging software from Total Lab Systems. We provided training to Chris in New Zealand and then balance was sent to Kenya. Chris says that the “Balance made it here safely and the Kenyans are impressed with the ability to be able to do automatic data capture. The system is working well. Thanks for your time on this.”


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1st Apr 2013 : Bioline Release MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit

Many DNA extraction methods can be laborious and time consuming, involving phenol extraction, overnight incubations often combined with column purification. MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit offers a rapid and easy alternative for the extraction and amplification of DNA from a variety of tissue types, particularly solid tissues such as mouse tail (fig. 1) or mouse ear. The DNA extractions are performed in a single-tube, without the need for multiple washing steps, greatly reducing the risk of sample loss and contamination. 

The extracted DNA is amplified using MyTaq HS Mix, the latest generation of very high performance polymerase mastermixes unique to Bioline, powered by antibody mediated hot-start to reduce non-specific amplification. The advanced formulation of MyTaq HS Mix allows fast cycling conditions to be used, greatly reducing the reaction time without compromising PCR specificity or yield (fig. 2). 

Together, the single tube lysis protocol and MyTaq HS Mix maximizes sensitivity, while minimizing contamination risk, significantly reduces reaction times as well as delivering improved success rates in protocols such as mouse DNA characterization.

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