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9th Apr 2014: Analox Reach Final of Prestigious S Lab Innovation Awards

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Leading technology company, Analox reach the final of the S Lab Innovation Awards with their O2NE+ Oxygen Depletion Monitor.

The shortlist for the 2014 S Lab Innovation Awards has been released and UK based technology company, Analox, have reached the final with their O2NE+ Oxygen Monitor. The awards are designed to showcase individuals, teams and institutions that have made a difference, covering everything from best practice lab design to product innovation. Analox have reached the final stage of the 'New Product' category for their Oxygen Depletion Monitor, an easy to install, long life oxygen monitor that is designed to warn personnel of a potentially dangerous depletion of oxygen in the workplace. The prestigious awards ceremony will precede the Supporting World Class Science conference which is set to take place at King's College London on September 2nd-3rd.

Simon Lunt, Sales and Marketing Director Commercial Division at Analox expressed his pride of being nominated for the award; 'Our laboratory customers take their lab safety seriously - a passion we share. Analox understand that many laboratory budgets are under pressure so it is important to install reliable, low maintenance safety equipment. The O2NE+ is a direct result of decades of gas detection experience coupled with simply listening to what our customers want. We're proud that our O2 monitors help to make labs even safer all around the world.'

The innovative O2NE+ monitor provides two audio visual alarms pre-set to warn employees of dangerous oxygen levels, ideal for use in labs where there is a threat of a potential leak or build up of inert gas. A leak, or build up of gases in a confined space can lead to oxygen depletion which can pose a serious danger to those in the area. Thanks to Analox and the 02NE+, there is now a cost effective safety solution that could save lives.

The product has been recognised for it's range of key features designed to improve workplace safety. The long life 02 sensor can last for up to 10 years, plus unlike other oxygen monitors, there is minimal maintenance as the 02NE+ only needs calibrating every 18 months. The monitor is also suitable for use with helium, a gas that can affect the readings of some 02 monitors.