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3rd Sep 2014: New to TLS Hamilton Syringes and HPLC Columns

Author: Julia Greeks
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Total Lab Systems is pleased to announce that we can now supply the Hamilton range of Syringes and HPLC columns to our New Zealand customers. TLS have been selling the Hamilton  Lab and Process Sensors for several years and we are pleased to be able to add more of Hamilton's high quality products to our range of products.

Hamilton Syringes & Needles:

Make sure your syringe is the finest precision fluid measuring instrument in the world. A syringe with unsurpassed accuracy and precision. A Hamilton Syringe.
Over 790 syringes and 350 needle choices!

Hamilton HPLC Columns

Hamilton offer 19 different polymer based HPLC columns for

  • Reverse Phase.
  • Anion Exchange
  • Cation Exchange
  • Ion Exclusion Chromatography

Two silica based columns are available for reverse phase chromatography.