Industrial Microscopes

Ceti Trino REFLEX Microscope For Industrial Use (CET 6400.0000)

Ceti Trino REFLEX Microscope For Industrial Use


Trinocular reflected light microscope for industrial use
Optical head:
- trinocular, inclined at 30°
- interpupillary distance adjustment ( Siedentopf type ) : 55 to 75 mm
- dioptric adjustment on one eyepiece tube
- built-in polariser
- removable analyser

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Eyepiece pair: 10x/16 mm wide-field
- Vertical photo/video port with beam splitting prism on sliding mount 0-100%
- Nosepiece: reversed quadruple nosepiece with click stop
- Objectives planachromatic:
- PL 10x / 0.25 / 160 / 0
- PL 40x / 0.65 / 160 / 0
- PL 60x / 0.85 / 160 / 0 spring loaded
- size 140x185mm with built-in graduated mechanical stage and stage clamps
- 70mm transversal movement
- 50mm longitudinal movement
Focusing knobs:
- coaxial fine and coarse
- pre-focusing mechanism (on left knob)
- tension adjustment ring (on right knob)
Illumination: reflected Köhler illumination (external housing) with focusable frontlens
Field and iris diaphragm for reflected light
Filter disk: green, yellow, blue and frosted
Mains power: 220-240V/50-60Hz (Euro connector)
Converter: low voltage (6V - electronic) with light intensity control
Bulb: 6V/20W/G4
Supplied with: 1 spare bulb, 2 spare fuses, dust cover and instruction manual
Packing: styrofoam shelves in a cardboard box
Packing dimensions: 43x30x36cm (two cardboard boxes). Gross weight: 9,5 kg

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