Fixed Gas Detectors

Analox AX60 - LABORATORY (ANA-A60)



Wall mounted carbon dioxide detector

The Ax60 is a wall mountable carbon dioxide (CO2) detector with multiple location options for alarm and sensor units, connected to a central display.

CO2 has been in use in fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems for hundred of years. In high concentration, it removes oxygen from the atmosphere, therefore removing one of the three elements (oxygen, heat and fuel) from the combustion triangle. It's widely available, cheap and chemically inert which is why it's often the ideal gas for extinguishing certain types of fire.


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The Ax60 is a wall mountable carbon dioxide (CO2) detector. The Ax60 allows multiple placement of alarm and sensor units which are connected to a central display. Each alarm unit is equipped to provide an early warning of increased CO2 levels including an audible sounder and a high-intensity LED strobe light - perfect for warning of danger in noisy environments. 


Just a small leak of pressurised CO2 into a confined space could pose a lethal threat to personnel. The Ax60 is an effective CO2 detector ensuring safety for everyone.


The central display unit is wall mounted in a convenient location, often a manager or supervisor's office. This monitors Sensor units that are mounted at low level in areas highlighted as a risk. Each sensor is connected to one or more alarm units to ensure warning of potential dangers is highlighted to everyone.

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