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1-Aminobenzotriazole (AGS-A1010)



A suicide inhibitor of cytochrome P-450 and chloroperoxidase

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1-Aminobenzotriazole [A1010]


Description: A suicide inhibitor of cytochrome P-450 and chloroperoxidase.

Chemical Formula: C6H6N4
Molecular Weight: M.W. 134.1
Solubility: Readily Soluble in Water and Dilute Aqueous Base.
CAS Number: CAS [1614-12-6]
Active Product: Y
Purity: > 98 %
Handling: Store in Tightly Sealed Vial.
Storage: Room Temperature.

Literature Reference: 1. Coceani, F., L. Kelsey, E. Seidlitz, K. Korzekwa., Inhibition of the Contraction of the Ductus Arteriosus to Oxygen by 1-Aminobenzotriazole, a Mechanism-Based Inactivator of Cytochrome P450., 1996., 117(7):, 1586-1592., 2. Colby, H.D., B. Abbott, M. Cacovic, K.M. Debolt, B.A. Mico..
Literature Reference: Inactivation of Adrenal Cytochromes P450 by 1-Aminobenzotriazole., Biochemical Pharmacology., 1995., 49(8):, 1057-1062..


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