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Diversified Biotech Laser Cryo-Tags, Cryo Vials (DBI-LCRY-1100)

Diversified Biotech Laser Cryo-Tags, Cryo Vials


Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® withstand both long term cryogenic storage conditions and conventional freezer storage.  These labels are chemically inert with a solvent resistant adhesive that will adhere to croygenic vials, microtubes, test tubes, glass vials, beakers and metal racks.  Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® also withstand flash/snap freezing in liquid nitrogen, boiling water baths at 100°C and dry heat up to 150°C.

Label Size: 1.69" x 0.75" (43mm x 19mm)

Ideal Use: Cryovials
Sheet Layout: 4 across - 13 down
Labels/Sheet: 52

Colors: White, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow or "Rainbow Pack"

U of M: 1,040/pack

Rainbow Pack includes 4 sheets of each color: Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow


Laser Cryo-Tags, Cryo Vials Colours:

Delivery time: 2 Weeks
Delivery times may vary
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Cryo-BabiesTM and Cryo-TagsTM for laser printers are now available in a wide variety of sizes for microtubes, cryogenic storage tubes, bottles, cryoboxes and other laboratory containers:

Perfect for cryogenic storage down to -196oC and they can take the heat as well, up to 150oC

The labels will also withstand boiling water baths to 100oC and dry heat up to 150oC. Polyolefin labels adhere to all plastics, glass & metals and resist detergents, oils solvents, caustic agents & other challenges without peeling or falling off.

Specially engineered Cryo-Babies and Cryo-Tags label sheets for laser printers accept black pigment-based inks and have been tested on a variety of Hewlett Packard and Apple laser printers. The heat-resistant, stay-flat sheets will not jam in laser printers.

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