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Tubee's Dot Pack. Disp Carton (CAM-RTP092)

Tubee's Dot Pack. Disp Carton


Dispenser carton containing one reel of 5000 paper dots, 9.5 mm diameter. 1000 of each colour: yellow, mauve, red, white and white pre-numbered 0-9 repeating.


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TUBEE's are suitable for use with microtubes, cryovials, test tubes, chromatography vials and other low volume tubes. TUBEE's have a strong, permanent label adhesive applied to both rectangles and dots.

  • Self-adhesive labels available in individual boxes of dots and strips
  • Suitable for use with microtubes, vials, test tubes, chromatography samples and other small volume tubes
  • Strong permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Can be used from -20°C to 40°C (application temperature 5 ºC)
  • Combination pack available with both dots and strips included
  • Box packaging is made from offcuts from sustainable forrestry and is fully recyclable

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