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Bioline IMMOLASE™ DNA Polymerase


• Outstanding and robust performance
• For PCR assays requiring hot-start
• Convenient set up at room temperature
• Leaves ´A´ overhang

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Product Description
IMMOLASE™ is a heat-activated thermostable DNA polymerase. IMMOLASE provides extremely high yield and improved specificity when compared to standard polymerases and can eliminate the presence of non-specifics, such as primer-dimers and mis-primed products. IMMOLASE is inactive at room temperature and therefore prior to PCR cycling, requires activation by heat treatment for 10 minutes. This facilitates flexibility in reaction setup, including premixing of PCR reagents at room temperature. Subsequently, the reaction can be handled according to the user´s existing protocols for thermostable DNA polymerases.

The specificity and performance of IMMOLASE can be further improved with the use of 2x PolyMate Additive (not supplied, see associated products), which is designed for GC- or AT-rich DNA, "dirty" templates or sequences with difficult melting profiles.

Ultra-high specificity for multiplex reactions
TA cloning

• IMMOLASE DNA Polymerase
• 10x ImmoBuffer
• 50mM MgCl2 Solution

Unit Definition
One unit will incorporate 10nmoles of dNTPs in 30min at 72°C.


Storage Conditions
IMMOLASE can be stored for 12 months at –20°C.

IMMOLASE is a trademark of Bioline.

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