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Bioline BIO-X-ACT™ Long Mix

Bioline BIO-X-ACT™ Long Mix


• Same high performance as BIO-X-ACT™ Long DNA Polymerase
• Amplifies fragments up to 20Kb
• Convenient pre-mixed, pre-optimized 2x reaction mixes
• Reduced risk of contamination
• Dramatically decreases the time required for reaction setup
• Reproducible results

Delivery time: 2 Weeks
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Product Description
BIO-X-ACT™ Long Mix is a complete ready-to-use 2x Reaction Mix, which, to enable the carrying-out of PCR assays on problematic templates, simply requires the user to add water, template and primers. In order to achieve optimal reaction conditions, the BIO-X-ACT Long Mix contains BIO-X-ACT™ Long DNA Polymerase, MgCl2, Ultra-pure dNTPs manufactured by Bioline as well as enhancer, and has been tested on Lambda DNA fragments of up to 15Kb. The mix has been optimized for a wide variety of templates, and an additional 50mM of MgCl2 solution is included should any fine adjustments be required.

BIO-X-ACT Long Mix dramatically reduces the time needed to set up reactions, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination. Greater reproducibility is ensured, by a reduction in the number of pipetting steps that can lead to pipetting errors.

For fragments in excess of 15Kb, we recommend using BIO-X-ACT™ Long DNA Polymerase rather than BIO-X-ACT Long Mix. This permits greater flexibility of reaction conditions, which may be required for optimization of long template reactions.

• For high fidelity PCR of long DNA fragments
• Suitable for cloning

• BIO-X-ACT Long Mix
• 50mM MgCl2 Solution

BIO-25023: 100 x 50µl Reactions: 2 x 1.25ml
BIO-25024: 500 x 50µl Reactions: 10 x 1.25ml


Storage Conditions
BIO-X-ACT Long Mix can be stored for up to 12 months at -20°C, or up to 2 weeks at +4°C. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided.

Shipping Conditions
On Dry Ice or Blue Ice.

BIO-X-ACT is a trademark of Bioline.

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