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Bioline HyperLadder 50bp

Bioline HyperLadder 50bp


• Easy size determination
• 15 bands from 50bp - 2000bp
• Ready-to-use format
• Optional mass determination

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Product Description
HyperLadder™ II is a ready-to-use molecular weight marker, especially designed for easy size determination. This ready to- use format reduces handling steps and saves time; simply transfer HyperLadder II from the vial to the gel.

HyperLadder II produces a pattern of 15 regularly spaced bands, ranging from 50 to 2000bp. To allow easy identification and orientation, the 300, 1000 and 2000bp bands have the highest intensity.

Optionally the HyperLadder can be used for mass determination. A 5x sample loading buffer is supplied for your convenience. See our HyperLadder Selection Guide page for product comparisons of the complete HyperLadder range.

For the best results when using our HyperLadder range we recommend using Bioline Agarose or Bioline Agarose Tablets.

• HyperLadder II
• 5x Sample Loading Buffer

Storage Conditions
HyperLadder II can be stored for up to 6 months at room temperature,12 months at +4°C, or up to 24 months
at -20°C. Avoid multiple freeze/ thaw cycles. Gentle vortexing is recommended prior to use.

Shipping Conditions
At room temperature.

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