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Bioline HyperPAGE Prestained Protein Marker

Bioline HyperPAGE Prestained Protein Marker


• Broad range marker 10 to 190kDa
• 9 prestained bands
• Easy identification and orientation
• Clear and sharp band resolution

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Product Description
HyperPAGE is a broad range protein marker prestained with blue and pink fluorescent dyes. It resolves into 9 bands with molecular weights ranging from 10 to 190kDa. HyperPAGE is suitable for monitoring the efficiency of electrophoretic migration in SDSPAGE and the transfer of proteins from gel to membrane in Western blotting, without the addition of staining dye. Prestained protein markers are suitable for determining the approximate molecular weights of proteins. For accurate sizing, the use of unstained markers is recommended.

Ideal for SDS-PAGE
Western Blotting

Storage Conditions
HyperPAGE prestained protein marker is supplied freeze-dried and is stable at -20°C for three years. Once reconstituted with water the product is stable for three months at -20°C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Shipping Conditions
On blue ice.

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