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Bioline Fecal PCR Kit


• From fecal matter to PCR amplification
• Avoids the need for mouse-tail clipping or other invasive procedures to extract genomic DNA
• Contains IMMOLASE™ for quick and easy PCR amplification

Delivery time: 2 Weeks
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Product Description
The Fecal PCR Kit contains all the necessary components to extract DNA from your fecal sample, and subsequently perform PCR assays. The Kit has been validated on fecal samples of mouse, rat, rabbit and human origin. Bacterial, protist, as well as host DNA can be effectively isolated from a ≤150 mg fecal sample.

Downstream applications requiring high purity amplified DNA

Storage Conditions
The DNA extraction components of the kit can all be stored for 6 months at room temperature. ImmoMix can be stored for 6 months at –20°C.

Shipping Conditions
ImmoMix on Dry Ice or Blue Ice. DNA extraction components shipped at ambient temperature.

IMMOLASE is a trademark of Bioline.

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