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Bioline ISOLATE Fecal DNA Kit


• 15-minute isolation protocol
• High quality, inhibitor-free DNA
• No need for organic denaturants or proteinases
• Non-invasive

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Product Description
The use of fecal material can be advantegous as it is non-invasive, and large amounts can be collected. The isolation of DNA from feces can be challenging. ISOLATE Fecal DNA Kit is specifically developed for the simple, rapid isolation of high quality DNA from a variety of fecal samples including humans, birds, rats, mice, rabbits, cattle, etc. Bacterial, protist, as well as host DNA can be effectively isolated from ≤150mg sample of mammalian feces. The easy to follow procedure can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Fecal samples are added directly to a Bashing Beads Lysis Tube and rapidly lysed by bead beating in a vortex, without the use of organic denaturants or proteinases. The DNA is then bound, isolated and purified using spin columns.

The eluted DNA, free from contaminants and inhibitors, is ideal for downstream molecular biology applications including PCR, microarrays, sequencing, genotyping, etc.

Isolation of fecal DNA from:
• Human origin
• Birds
• Rats, mice
• Rabbits
• Cattle

Storage Conditions
ISOLATE Kit contents should be stored dry at room temperature. Under these conditions, the kit is stable for 12 months.

Shipping Conditions
Room temperature.


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