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AND EK6000i Portable Precision Balance (AND-06043500)

AND EK6000i Portable Precision Balance


6000g x 1g

Trade Approved Balance
Three years warranty
Advanced, reliable, accurate weighing
Portable balance with capacities to 12kg
Large back lit LCD display with wide viewing angle
Standard RS232C data interface
Overload protected to take hard use
9 built in weighing units plus counting and percentage software
Standard comparator function with LO/GO/HI indication
Full digital calibration with user definable calibration mass
Conforms with GLP standards
Stainless steel weighing pan
Optional rechargeable battery pack
Optional under hook weighing for 6000g and 12kg models
Leveling feet and level bubble for accurate weighing


Delivery time: 2-4 Weeks
Delivery times may vary
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