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CBS TGGE Electrophoresis System 2 single Cassettes (CBS-TTGE-2001-220)

CBS TGGE Electrophoresis System 2 single Cassettes


2 Single Cassettes with Mini-Power Supply and Mini-Peristaltic Pump

The TTGE System allows the researcher to choose between 2 different techniques, TTGE or DGGE. Destabilization of nucleic acid complexes can be accomplished using a uniform solvent concentration (Urea/Formamide) with an increasing temperature gradient (TTGE) or separation can be achieved by varying the solvent concentration at a constant temperature (DGGE). Both techniques rely on establishing a range of either solvent or temperature in which the target fragments will undergo conformational transition (melt). Includes: electrophoresis tank, 2 single cassettes, heater/stirrer/buffer cycler with temperature ramping capability, gradient maker, Mini-Power Supply EPS-300-IIV, Mini-peristaltic pump MPP-100-200, 4 combs (2 each 1 well and 2 each 16 well combs), 4 sets of spacers (2 sets for vertical DGGE & TTGE and 2 sets for perpendicular DGGE), 2 glass plate sets, 4 pieces gel wrap gasket, white clamps, glass safety cover, buffer siphon pump, and power leads.

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