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CBS Cipher Genetic Analysis System 2 Dual Cassettes (CBS-DTSK-2401-220)

CBS Cipher Genetic Analysis System 2 Dual Cassettes


The Cipher Genetic Analysis System detects mutations and polymorphisms in 4 different ways: SSCP, TTGE CDGE or DGGE. Destabilization of nucleic acid complexes can be accomplished using a uniform solvent concentration (Urea/Formamide) with an increasing temperature gradient (TTGE) or separation can be achieved by varying the solvent concentration at a constant temperature (DGGE). Both techniques rely on establishing a range of either solvent or temperature in which the target fragments will undergo conformational transition (melt) Single Strand Conformational Polymorphisms (SSCP) reveals differences in electrophoretic mobility between normal and mutant strands of DNA. Includes: electrophoresis tank, EPS-300-IIV Mini-Power Supply, mini peristaltic pump, 2 single cassettes, heater/stirrer/buffer cycler with temperature ramping capability, gradient maker, 4 combs (2 each 1 well and 2 each 16 well combs), 4 sets of spacers (2 sets for vertical DGGE & TTGE and 2 sets for perpendicular DGGE), 2 glass plate sets, 4 Gel Wrap™ gaskets, clamps, glass safety cover, buffer siphon pump, large diameter cooling coil, white clamps, power leads, and gel tape.

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