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CBS DGGE Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Two Dual Cassette (CBS-DGGEK-2401-220)

CBS DGGE Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Two Dual Cassette


For detecting single base changes and polymorphisms in genomic, cloned and PCR amplified DNA. DGGE is ideal for screening samples for genetic mutations. Can also be used for determining DNA fragment melting points. Includes: 110V or 220 V Mini-Power Supply EPS-300, 110V or 220V Mini-Peristaltic Pump MPP-100, 2 single cassettes, heater/stirrer/cycler with lumen, gradient maker, buffer siphone pump, 2ea 0.75mm x 1 well comb, 2ea 0.75mm x 20 well comb, 2 sets 0.75mm spacers, 2 sets 0.75mm perpendicular spacers, 2 sets glass plates, 4 ea 0.75mm Gel Wrap Gaskets, 12 ea white spring clamps, 8 each white casting clamps, butterfly adaptor, silicone tubing and gel sealing tape. In collaboration with two of the technique originators C.B.S. SCIENTIFIC has designed five different sized DGGE System Kits which are reliable and easy-to-use. The DGGEK-1001 is a smaller 2 gel system and features one dual gel cassette. The DGGEK-2001 (shown above) has a larger buffer tank and features two single gel cassettes. The DGGEK-2401 has the same buffer tank as the DGGEK-2001 but features two dual gel cassettes, for a capacity of 4 gels per run. Also available is the DGGEK-4001 which has a larger buffer tank and four single cassettes. Finally there is the DGGEK-4801 which features the larger buffer tank and four dual cassettes enabling the researcher to run up to 8 gels simultaneously. Improvements to the technique include: a simplified method for casting perpendicular and vertical gels using Gel Wrap®, single or dual gel cassettes have been redesigned eliminating the use of agarose plugs or tape, a mini-peristaltic pump (MPP-100) used in conjunction with the GM-40 gradient maker produces accurate and consistent gradients, bulky screw clamps have been replaced with polypropylene spring clamps, buffer tank dimensions have been changed to use bench space more efficiently, and a safety cover with an electrical interlock has been added for protection and to help maintain temperature and reduce evaporation. To avoid any incompatibility issues the EPS-300 (CE) Mini-Power Supply is included because its specifications are suited to run all DGGE or TTGE applications.  Footprint size: 21"(l) x 13"(w) x 12"(h), or in cm: 53cm(l) x 33(w) x 31(h).

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