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BioSys Bioreader® 6000 Series (BSY-Bioreader)

BioSys Bioreader® 6000 Series


The Bioreader® is practically a full automatic macroscope. Multiwell plates containing 6 to 384 wells and petri dishes 35-150 mm are shown centric and full-frame .

This allows fast and accurate biomedical assays are evaluated as such elispot, fluorospot, viral titration assays, microbiological kill curves, colony forming units (softagar assay), mouselymphoma assay, ames test, antibiotic potency, clonogenic assays, microdilution assays and many other similar assays.

The Bioreader® offers the right solution for every application, each user profile and budget. The integration of the screen was made when the first Bioreader® models have been developed. Thus, the Bioreader® is extremely space saving! Even the large fluorescence / zoom devices with inverted optics and lens changer not need more than an area of 40 × 60 cm footprint .

In all Bioreader® models all hardware functions are fully automatic, parameter - driven software set. This means that the optical zoom (if any) are automatically adjusted and focused on the full-frame size of each well. If necessary, the filter or even the optics will be changed automatically. A simple click on the image of the application activates the appropriate settings.

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To evaluate only ELISPOT in 96 well plates, the BIOREADER® -E is the best choice.

The BIOREADER® -V is equipped with a fully automatic fixed lens changer.
This offers you the opportunity to choose up to 3 different multiwell plates.

The BIOREADER® -Z is equipped with a fully automatic, continuous zoom optics.
This allows you to evaluate all of multiwell plates between 6 and 384 wells.

The BIOREADER® -F is equipped with a fluorescent light source, and having up to 6 fluorophoric filter sets.
This allows you to evaluate fluorophore assays as FLUOROSPOT or FluoroPlaque. The BIOREADER® -F models also have the ability to combine multi - plates with fluorescent suggestions. This enables special 'adherent' cells and evaluate cluster without disturbing the meniscus.

The BIOREADER® -F-z combines the properties of BIOREADER® -F and -Z models.
This unit can also be supplied with a fully automated objective changer, so extreme enlargement intervals such as Petri dishes and 384-well plates can be full-frame evaluated.

Our product range is rounded off by BIOREADER® -F-z-i, where the inverse principle is applied.
This is particularly suitable for the analysis of live cells in suspension and adherent cells (adherent) cells.

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