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Erweka ZTm 320 series (ERW-ZT320m)

Erweka ZTm 320 series


The ZTm 320 series for automated determination of disintegration time by mBasket

The mBasket uses a magnetic guided disc (weight and shape USP/EP compliant) and sensors under the USP/EP compliant sieves.

The automated ZTm 320 is based on the manual ZT 320 series which can be upgraded any time by adding basket(s) with automatic detection (mBasket), then operated via PC and the CFR 21/11 compliant software package. It’s completely modular and allows using of both manual and automated test baskets. The mBasket allows testing of fully disintegrating and non-fully disintegrating samples without exchange of any part.

The automated ZTm 320 disintegration tester series comes with basket lift out feature.
For automation purpose it is equipped by one or more basket rack assemblies with automated detection, controlled then via PC and the CFR 21/11 compliant software package.
The ZTm allows any configuration of manual and automated test stations.

Delivery time: 4-6 Weeks
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It can operate either with standard basket racks, type “A” (6 tubes) or with basket racks type “B” (3 tubes) with larger test-tubes.

A validation kit and ERWEKA PQ tablets for measurement system verification are available

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