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Erweka Dissolution Tester DT 820 Series (ERW-DT820)

Erweka Dissolution Tester DT 820 Series


ERWEKA DT 820 has been designed with increased memory capacity to control complete dissolution Offline Systems for advanced stand-alone operation.

The DT 820 can be equipped with 6, 7 or 8 test stations and holding 8 vessels with 1000ml each. Other vessel sizes are available.

It can be used in conventional High-Head mode and low-evaporation Low-Head mode.

DT 820 allows storage of up to 100 product test-run parameters which can be interchanged between various DT 820’s by USB memory stick.  It is equipped with OQ traffic light (to show USP/EP compliance). By choosing the FDA print-out submenu the performance of the system can be documented within seconds.

The unit is mainly made from non-corrosice materials like alloy, carbon fibre, plastics.

Delivery time: 4-6 Weeks
Delivery times may vary
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Shaft with exchangable stirrer methods

Paddles for Low-Head and Hight-Head mode
Each DT 820 is fitted with the UniShaft system for stainless steel- or fluoropolymer coated stirring elements for methods 1, 2 and 5. One single stirring shaft is screwed to either paddle (PEEK), basket holder or rotating cylinder. Due to the special design height adjustment is not required.

The UniShaft system, in combination with two different stirring shaft lengths allows to operate DT 820 in either conventional High-Head- or low-evaporation Low-Head mode.

Technical details:
OQ Traffic Light for display of the USP/ EP compliance of the unit
Intervals for System Suitability Test- and Validation display may be set individually according to the in-house requirements
Hours of operation counter
Storage and documentation of the last 600 users with three different user levels
Automatic height adjustment
Automatic vessel centering
Standard tablet drop magazine for 8 samples
Evaporation less than 1% during 24h (37.0°C, 50rpm, 1000ml).
pH change routines, menu guided optic and acoustic reminder for manual sampling (count-down)
Manual lifter with gas strut support
One-piece moulded PET water bath with outlet valve
PT 100 external temperature sensor for water bath- or media temperature display included
External temperature sensor included
External heating system with control by the keypad and LC display of the DT 820; accuracy +/- 0.2°C
Pre-heat function
Wobble less than 0.2 mm at delivery (paddles)
Corrosion-free plate for holding the vessels
Programme menu for storage of the monographs of up to 100 products
Automatic self-check of the temperature in the bath/vessels before test start
Alpha-numeric touch sensitive keypad with illuminated full-graphic 5.7” Dot-matrix display
RS 232 and RS 485 serial interfaces for external control
USB printer interface for documentation of the test run parameters (time, date, rpm, temperatures etc.) by a standard printer

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