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Erweka Dissolution Tester DT 626 (ERW-DT626)

Erweka Dissolution Tester DT 626


The DT 626 features a fixed  drive head (High Head) and has been  designed for holding 6 vessels for USP methods 1 (basket), 2 (paddle), 5 (paddel-over-disk) and 6 (rotating cylinder) and is 100% UPS/EP/JP compliant.

The vessels are easily accessible for manual sampling due to High-Head position of the drive heas. The unit comes with low-evaporation vessel covers to miminise evaporation.

The same shaft can be used for stirring methods 1,2 and 5 and the stirring heads can be quickly exchanged.

It can be easily operated using the up and down buttons for each parameter. The external flow-through heater reduces the influence of vibrations.

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The unique water bath is made of moulded PET and therefore nonleaking and hard to break. It is equipped with a water outlet for easy cleaning.

The design of the stand allows for easy cleaning below the water bath without the need to move the dissolution tester.

The integrated sample withdrawal openings in the vessel covers offer easy sampling at USP conform position. The DT 626 is made of non-corrosive materials such as alloy, fluoropolymer and plastics.

Manual sampling manifolds with height adjustable holders
Vessel 250 ml glass, 1000 ml or 2000 ml, glass or amber glass (UV protected)
Baskets, paddles, paddle-over-disc, rotating cylinder, enhancer cell, intrinsic dissolution, felodipine baskets, suppository baskets, extraction cell
Paddle (stainless steel) and basket with High-Head shaft
Dissolution qualification tool kit
IQ/OQ/PV documents
IQ/OQ/PV service
Maintenance service

Technical details:
Dissolution tester for USP methods 1 (basket), 2 (paddle), 5 (paddle-over-disk), 6 (rotating cylinder)
Fixed drive head (High-Head) with easy access to vessels
Low-evaporation vessel covers included
Low-evaporation vessel covers with membrane sealed positions for manual sampling according USP
Rotation speed 20 - 220 rpm
Function keypad with individual UP/DOWN keys for each test parameter
Automatic height adjustment of paddle/basket
Automatic vessel centering by centering rings
One-piece nonleaking moulded water bath (PET)
External high power heater; heating range: 30-40°C, even distribution of temperature
Heating time of water bath: approx. 15 min. from 20°C to 37°C
Wobble less than 0.2 mm (paddles)
USB B interface for firmware update
Dimensions: 830 (width incl. heater) / 590 mm (depth) / 700 mm (height) / 34 kg (weight)

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