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EDT BA350 pH Meter (EDT-BA350)

EDT BA350 pH Meter


The BA350 pH Meter is a  basic, bench pH meter. It measures pH only, using manual temperature compensation and despite its simplicity, affords the user pH measurements accurate to +0.01pH units.
Using the BA350 in the lab couldn't be easier. The meter can be powered by mains or battery and is calibrated to one or two points using traditional manual controls. Once the calibration is set, sample pH may then be read directly from the display. The BA350 pH meter can be used with the complete range of combination or half-cell pH electrodes from EDT directION.
The BA350 is ideally suited to teaching laboratories and applications where temperature of buffers and samples doesn't vary greatly. 

Supplied with:

E8063 pH Buffers, E8061 Electrode Stand, E8041 Mains Adapter(UK), A3060 9V Battery.

Delivery time: 4-6 Weeks
Delivery times may vary
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Basic Bench pH Meter 

Temp Accuracy


Range pH

0-14 pH 


210x150x88mm (DxWxH) 

Resolution pH

0.01pH unit 



Accuracy pH

±0.01pH units 


12.7mm LCD 

pH Calibration



9v battery or mains adaptor 

Range mV


Electrode Connection


Resolution mV


Ref. Electrode Connection


Accuracy mV


Temp Probe Connection


Manual Temp

0 to 100 Deg C 

Recorder Output


Auto Temp




Temp. Range


RS232 Output


Temp Resolution


Karl Fischer


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