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Analox Safe - Ox + oxygen enrichment & depletion monitor (ANA-ANA-AX1BK20X20)

Analox Safe - Ox + oxygen enrichment & depletion monitor


The Safe-Ox+ is an oxygen enrichment & depletion monitor ideal for use where there is either a threat of a potential leak or build-up of enriched oxygen which could pose a fire risk or there is a potential risk of a leak or build-up of an inert gas such as nitrogen, argon or helium.


Enriched oxygen (also known as nitrox, EANx, Safe Air and enriched air nitrox) is used in a variety of industries and the main concern is that if there is a build up of the gas then it can pose a fire/explosion risk should there also be an ignition source. As part of a risk assessment (or in the case of industries such as commercial diving - guidelines) employers have a duty of care to their employees and the public and the installation of the Safe-Ox+ is an ideal safety solution.


The Safe-Ox+ main sensor unit is wall mounted at normal working head height in the area/s recommended as a result of a risk assessment (often where the gases are stored and/or piped).  The repeater unit/s (which take their power from the main unit) are then sited at the entrance/s to the area to provide an early warning before entering.

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Key Features

  • Simple Calibration - The SafeOx+ can be calibrated on "pure air" which is easy to source and ship globally and affordable too


  • Long life O2 sensor - Can last up to 10 years


  • No risk of accidental calibration -The Safe-Ox+ does not allow the user to calibrate it using ambient air. A certified calibration gas must be passed over the sensor at 18 month periods. This is a safety feature which prevents a
    potentially false calibration being made.


  • Minimal maintenance - Unlike other oxygen monitors the SafeOx+ only needs calibrating every 18 months and the sensor does not need changing every 2 years.


When using inert gas
Cryogenic storage
Blood tissue storage
MRI rooms
Fertility Clinics
Gas Storage
Nitrogen generation
Fire protection
Food testing,
Fish farming
University research labs



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