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The S-SERIES II is suited for appearance and color measurement of a wide range of color homogenous and color semi-homogenous products including but not limited to flour, grains, nuts, fruit concentrates and juices, powders, spices, seasoning, sauces, paste, condiments, liquids, and small particulate items.

The new S-SERIES II is the result of Agtron’s 50 years of experience supplying analytical equipment to the food industry. It is a reflectance measuring abridged spectrophotometer designed specifically to deal with the challenge of measuring color and process related change associated with food products. It is an all solid-state replacement for the previous Agtron M-45D general application small area analyzer.

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Four Color Reflectance Mode (red-yellow-green-blue): Provides a numeric score for each of four color bands that represent the visible spectrum simultaneously

Single Color Reflectance Mode: Displays a user selected color-band as a numeric score

Appearance Mode: Uses the four visible color-bands and provides a single score calculated with perception bias. This score relates to how product color is perceived by the human eye. 

Brightness Mode: Uses the full color spectrum to determine the perceived lightness/darkness of a product

Ratio Mode (Optional): This is a special feature for determining the maturity of fresh tomato juice. It also accurately evaluates the degree of cook for tomato sauce and paste. 

S-Series II Features
• Circular Viewing Window

• Self Contained Internal Micro-Processor

• Excellent Stability, Linearity & Resolution

• Long-Life Solid State Illumination

• Fully Automated Calibration

• Durable Synthetic Calibration Standard

• Calibration Flexibility

• High Contrast Backlit LCD Display

• Super-Regulated & Isolated Internal Power Supply

• Sturdy Construction Suitable for the Production Environment

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