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Agtron E20CP Process Analyzer for Roast Coffee (AGT-E20CP)

Agtron E20CP Process Analyzer for Roast Coffee


The E20-CP is an abridged spectrophotometer designed specifically to address the special requirements associated with evaluating and quantifying the roast of whole bean and ground coffee. 

Unlike general "color" instruments, the E20-CP operates in the near-infrared energy band where the highest spectral reflectance activity occurs as a function of degree of roast.

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The resolution and accuracy of these coffee roast analyzers provides previously unobtainable quantification of the roasting process.  With this type of high resolution information, it is now possible to re-define roasting process parameters, greatly improve product consistency, quality and yield.

Calibration Flexibility
The E20CP can be calibrated to either of two Agtron industry standard scales: The Commercial Scale or the Gourmet Scale. It is easy to move from one scale to the other. In addition, either scale can be expanded or compressed using an operator defined factor invoked by a special function key.  

New Features
The many improvements to the E20-CP include solid state lamps, fully automated calibration, data storage capability, and a dual microprocessor design.

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