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Agtron E30-FP Agtron Process Analyzer for French Fries (AGT-E30-FP)

Agtron E30-FP Agtron Process Analyzer for French Fries


The E30-FP is specifically designed to address the special requirements associated with evaluating color changes relative to the frying process of French Fried Potatoes. 

The Agtron E30-FP is a ratioing abridged spectrophotometer which replaces the industry standard Agtron E15-FP.  The E30-FP is a direct reading reflectance abridged spectrophotometer designed to provide the ratio of reflectance of a product in two spectral modes, near infrared and green. The ratio is automatically computed and digitally displayed as a single number. 

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The E30-FP uses state of the art optics and electronics.  It is designed to provide a high degree of consistency between units and years of accurate dependable service. Sample analysis is made by placing the product in the sample cup, place the sample cup in the drawer, and then slide the drawer into the instrument.

New Design based on 20 years
The new E30 Series analyzer is an all new design available configured as a direct replacement for all previous E15 models. The redesign is the result of 20 years of customer experience and feedback from the use of the E15.

New Features
The many improvements to the E30-FP include solid state lamps, fully automated calibration, data storage capability, and a dual microprocessor design.

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