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Bioline ISOLATE II PCR & Gel Kit


Quick protocol for PCR clean-up (10 min) and DNA gel extraction (20 min)
Excellent recovery rate
High purity DNA: typical A260/A280 ratio 1.8 - 1.9
Highly optimized buffer

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ISOLATE II PCR and Gel Kit is designed for the purification of PCR products (Fig. 1) and for the isolation of DNA fragments from TAE and TBE agarose gels (Fig. 2). A fast and easy-to-follow protocol is given for each application. 

PCR products are purified in 10 minutes (6 preps) using simple binding and elution steps. Concentrated PCR products ranging between 60bp and 15Kb can be eluted in 15-50µl of buffer with a recovery rate of 70-95%. DNA fragments between 50bp and 20kb can be extracted from agarose gel slices with an excellent recovery rate of 75-90%. 

The isolated DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as transformation, cloning, sequencing, restriction analysis, etc.

ISOLATE II PCR and Gel Columns
Collection Tubes 
Binding Buffer CB 
Wash Buffer CW (Concentrate) 
Elution Buffer C 
Product Manual 
Bench Protocol Sheet 

Storage Conditions
ISOLATE II PCR and Gel Kit contents should be stored dry at room temperature. Under these conditions, the kit is stable for 12 months.

Shipping Conditions
Room temperature.

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Purification of PCR products
Isolation of DNA from TAE and TBE agarose gels
Purification of DNA from contaminants (enzymes, dNTPs, etc.)
Highly purified DNA is ready for applications such as cloning and sequencing

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