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Bioline ISOLATE II Blood Kit


Fast 30 min isolation protocol
High-quality, inhibitor-free DNA
High-purity DNA: typical A260/A280 ratio 1.6-1.9

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ISOLATE II Blood DNA Kit is designed for the rapid and efficient isolation of highly pure genomic DNA from whole blood, cultured cells, serum, plasma or other body fluids, treated with EDTA, citrate or heparin (Fig. 1), from a variety of different animal species (Fig. 2). It is also possible to purify bacterial and viral DNA (e.g. HBV) from blood samples. For viral DNA, we recommend using cell-free samples (serum or plasma). 

ISOLATE II Blood DNA Kit uses the latest developments in silica-membrane spin column technology. The isolation process combines fast lysis of the starting material with a solution containing chaotropic ions in the presence of Proteinase K, followed by specific binding of DNA directly to the filter in a spin column. After simple wash steps, highest quality DNA is eluted, with total removal of inhibitors. 

The isolated DNA is suitable for downstream molecular biology applications such as various types of PCR, Southern blotting or any kind of enzymatic reactions. 

ISOLATE II Blood DNA Spin Columns 
Collection Tubes 
Buffer G1 
Buffer G2 
Wash Buffer GW1 
Wash Buffer GW2 
Elution Buffer G 
Proteinase K (lyophilized) 
Proteinase K Buffer PR 
Product Manual 
Bench Protocol Sheet 

Storage Conditions
ISOLATE II Blood DNA Kit contents should be stored dry at room temperature. Under these conditions, the kit is stable for 12 months.

Shipping Conditions
Room temperature.

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Isolation of genomic DNA from: 

  • Human or animal blood, fresh or frozen
  • Blood treated with citrate, EDTA or heparin
  • Serum, plasma, buffy coat, platelets
  • Body fluids (e.g. amniotic fluid)

Also suitable for isolation of bacterial and viral DNA from blood

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