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Bioline ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Kit


Rapid protocol: ~20 minutes (after lysis)
High-purity genomic DNA: typical A260/A280 ratio 1.7 – 1.9
High yields: up to 35µg genomic DNA
Broad spectrum kit with over 17 protocols

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ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Kit is designed for the rapid and efficient isolation of highly pure genomic DNA from a variety of starting materials such as animal tissue, paraffin embedded tissue, rodent tail, buccal swabs, bacteria, yeast and other eukaryotic cells (Fig. 1). Over 17 optimized protocols are provided generating highly reproducible results with every sample (Fig. 2). 

ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Kit uses a silica-membrane spin column technology. The isolation process combines fast lysis of the starting material with Proteinase K, followed by specific binding of DNA directly to the membrane in a spin column. Subsequent washing steps result in elution of high -quality DNA. 

The online product manual has protocols for mouse or rat tails, bacteria, yeast, dried blood spots, genomic/viral DNA from blood, hair follicles, paraffin-embedded tissue, stool viruses (e.g. CMV), Mycobacterium tuberculosisor Legionella pneumophila in sputum or bronchoalveolar lavage, EHEC bacteria in food, bacterial DNA (e.g.Chlamydia trachomatis) from cultures, biological fluids or clinical specimens, bacterial DNA (e.g. Borrelia burgdorferi) and viral DNA (e.g. CMV) from urine, insects, dental swabs and buccal swabs. The isolated DNA is suitable for downstream molecular biology applications such as multiplex PCR, Southern blotting, real-time PCR, sequencing, restriction analysis and microarrays.

ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Spin Columns 
Collection Tubes 
Lysis Buffer GL 
Buffer G1 
Buffer G2 
Wash Buffer GW1 
Wash Buffer GW2 
Elution Buffer G 
Proteinase K (lyophilized) 
Proteinase Buffer PR 
Product Manual 
Bench Protocol Sheet 

Storage Conditions
ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Kit contents should be stored dry at room temperature. Under these conditions, the kit is stable for 12 months.

Shipping Conditions
Room temperature.

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Isolation of genomic DNA from: 

  • Animal tissue and rodent tails
  • Paraffin embedded tissue
  • Clinical and forensic samples
  • Bacterial cells
  • Eukaryotic cells (yeast, cultured mammalian)
  • Downstream applications such as multiplex PCR, Southern blotting and real-time PCR

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