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Labcold Basic Refrigerator

Labcold Basic Refrigerator


These models provide basic refrigerated storage at a lower price while still providing the confidence of the Labcold name and support.

Lower cost production methods have been used and certain convenience features omitted in order to offer the best price possible without significant sacrifices in the important areas of function and reliability.


Auto defrosting refrigerator
Operating temperature (nominal): +4°C


Operator controlled defrosting
Operating temperature (nominal): -20°C

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Choose from the following models:

Labcold Basic Refrigerator 105 Litres Autodefrost

Capacity [L] 117
Dims Ext [mm] 855x505x550mm (HxWxD)

Labcold Basic Refrigerator 505 Litres Autodefrost Lockable

Labcold Basic Freezer 505 Litres Lockable

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