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Fryka B 35 LOGG COLD BOX (FKG_B 35-50/85//LOGG)



The B 35 //LOGG cold box is equiped with a colour touchscreen controller. The real-time rendering of the temperature profile and the integrated data logger for temperature profile and alarm events readable over USB stick are some of various new options. The controller allows the automatic and detailed supervision of the refrigerating machine with failure analysis. Over the Ethernet interface you can integrate the cold box into your network and with an internet connection you have access the the cold box all over the world.
To protect the adjusted alarm- and temperature set points you have an detailed user administration and a registered access controll with password.

The B 35 //logg is available in different configurations and with its low-noise cooling unit. The compact, space-saving design, means the cold box can be used directly in the laboratory work space.

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Colour touch screen controller with representation of the temperature profile and user friendly menu structure
- Integrated data logger readable over USB stick for temperature profile and alarm events
- Battery-supplied alarm more than at least 72h with indication of the max. temperature reached at the interior
- Ethernet interface, in case of an alarm E-Mail will be sent
- Automatic and detailed supervision function of the refrigerating machine with failure analysis
- Remote maintenance with a worldwide access over the Internet
- Detailed user administration to protect the adjusted alarm– and temperature set points
 - Registered access control

Vacuum-Insulation: large interior space with small external dimensions and low power consumption
All stainless steel casing
Refrigeration unit: low noise, fully hermetically sealed, air-cooled, low maintenance
B 35-85: two-stage cascade refrigeration system
foamed door with double door seal
Interior free of fixtures
Side air vent, so suitable for installation directly on walls
Voltage-free alarm contact for connection to an external alarm system
100mV/K-output for connection to a temperature recording system
Lockable door
Stackable unit, max. 2 units


B 35-50 //logg

B 35-85 //logg

Temperature range 

-50°C to -10°C

-85°C to -50°C

Control accuracy 

 +/- 1 K


 35 litres

Interior [WxDxH]

42,5 x 30 x 28 cm

External dimensions [WxDxH]

58 x 76,5 x 58 cm


65 kg

81 kg

Ambient temperature

+12°C to +30°C

Electrical connection

230 V / 50 Hz


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