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Fryka B 30 COLD BOX (FKG_B 30-20)

Fryka B 30 COLD BOX


The B 30 model has a capacity of 30 litres with an insulating glass pane in the door, so that the cooling material can be observed during freezing

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Insulating glass plane in the door
All stainless steel casing
Refrigeration unit: low noise, fully hermetically sealed, air-cooled, low maintenance
Interior free of fixtures
Electronic temperature control with LED display
Lockable door
Ram protection ring going over and under
Stackable unit, max. 3 appliances


B 30-20

Temperature range

-20°C to +10°C

Control accuracy

+/- 1 K


30 litres

Interior [WxDxH]

36 x 35 x 23 cm

External dimensions [WxDxH]

53 x 70 x 46 cm


42 kg

Ambient temperature

+12°C to +30°C

Electrical connection

230 V / 50 Hz

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