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Fryka TS LOGG 100L -50 FREEZER (FKG_TS 50-100//LOGG)

Fryka TS LOGG 100L -50 FREEZER


The 100 litre TS freezer is a classic stand-alone unit. Wether in laboratories or industry, due to the compact, space-saving design combined with a low noise cooling unit, the TS 100 can be directly used in the workplace.

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Colour touch screen controller with representation of the temperature profile and user friendly menu structure
- Integrated data logger readable over USB stick for temperature profile and alarm events
- Battery-supplied alarm more than at least 72h with indication of the max. temperature reached at the interior
 - Ethernet interface, in case of an alarm E-Mail will be sent
- Automatic and detailed supervision function of the refrigerating machine with failure analysis
- Remote maintenance with a worldwide access over the Internet
- Detailed user administration to protect the adjusted alarm– and temperature set points
 - Registered access control 

Vacuum insulation: large interior space with small external dimensions and low power consumption 
All stainless steel casing
Refrigeration unit: low noise, fully hermetically sealed, air cooled, low maintenance
TS 80-100: two-stage cascade refrigeration system
Foamed door with double door seal
Side air vent, so suitable for installation directly on walls
Voltage-free alarm contact for connection to an external alarm system
100mV/K-output for connection to a temperature recording system
Lockable door
With inlaid grilles and 4 shelf rails
Electric door lock with access control and password available
WiFi-Bridge to integrate the freezer in your wireless network available


TS 50-100
TS 50-100 //logg

TS 80-100
TS 80-100 //logg

Temperature range

-50°C to -10°C

-80°C to -50°C

Control accuracy

+/- 1 K


100 litres

Interior [WxDxH]

45 x 45 x 50 cm

External dimensions [WxDxH]

68 x 73 x 116 cm


120 kg

Ambient temperature

+12°C to +30°C

Electrical connection

230 V / 50 Hz


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