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Diversified Biotech Tough Tag Station (DBI-TTSA-9000)

Diversified Biotech Tough Tag Station


Top-Loading - Easily insert new rolls or remove empty boxes
Secure - Specially designed top rail holds rolls in place
Cutting Edge- Allows easy liner trimming
Convenient - When loaded, station can be used as a writing surface
Versatile - Also holds 5-Across Tough-Spots®, Bake-Tags®, Teeny Tough-Tags® and Sidewall Tough-Tags®!

Delivery time: 4-6 Weeks
Delivery times may vary
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Conveniently holds up to 6 rolls of Tough-Tags, Tough-Spots or Cryo-Tags. Also holds 4 regular rolls and 1 5-Across Tough-spot roll. Utilize the ledge to easily write on labels for sample identification and then use the straight edge to tear off the labels.

T-SPOTS-100 does not fit the Tough-Tag Station.

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