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Genevac Rocket Synergy Evaporators

Genevac Rocket Synergy Evaporators


Rocket Evaporators use patented vacuum technology to evaporate solutions to dryness, or a concentrate, rapidly and safely.

The latest Synergy series offers integrated, flexible solutions for processing a wide range of sample volumes. Interchangeable rotors will accommodate tubes, flasks and batch volumes of up to 100L.

Two models are offered:
Rocket Synergy, will evaporate samples in flasks, tubes, or a variety of innovative Genevac sample holders such as the SampleGenie. The removable rotor may be replaced with a 5L 316 stainless steel vessel for batch processing.
Rocket 4D Synergy is designed primarily to evaporate large sample volumes, with autofeed if required. The Rocket 4D Synergy can also be fitted with a removable flask rotor to accommodate the full range of Rocket Sample handling solutions such as flasks, tubes and SampleGenie.

Now you don't need to choose between flask or batch/feed evaporation. The Rocket and Rocket 4D Synergy evaporators will accommodate your process, whatever the volume. Each is capable of replacing several rotary evaporators and saving valuable bench space.

The Rocket Synergys rotor can be replaced with a vessel for batch processing.

The Rocket 4D Synergys vessel can easily be removed and replaced with a flask rotor.


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There are two principle applications for the Rocket:
1. for concentrating to a small volume
2. for drying samples completely

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