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Genevac miVac Duo & Quattro Pumps

Genevac miVac Duo & Quattro Pumps


• Duo - Low vacuum pump
• Quattro - High vacuum pump
• High flow rates
• Oil free!


miVac Duo and Quattro pumps are oil free diaphragm pumps requiring almost no maintenance designed to power the miVac series of vacuum concentrators..  They are compact, requiring little bench space and are quiet running. 
The miVac Duo Pump is suitable for use with a volatile organic solvents through to water, where as the miVac Quattro Pump is also suitable for use with some higher boiling point solvents.  Both pumps have high flow rates to ensure the fastest possible concentration rate.  miVac Duo and Quattro pumps can also be used with most of your existing equipment.

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miVac is a range of centrifugal vacuum concentrators and freeze driers capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, and vials.  Built-in special optimise the concentration of water and water mixtures, improving performance and reducing time.  The miVac SpeedTrap™ may now be used for freeze drying low volumes of water, and can be operated as a stand alone small volume freeze drier, or configured as a combined concentration / freeze drying workstation with a miVac vacuum concentrator.

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