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Hazero Corrosive Cabinet - 30 Litre (CQL 04-1070)

Hazero Corrosive Cabinet - 30 Litre


The Hazero (formally Chemshed) range provides the solutions to flammable goods storage regulations such as bunded floor areas, suitable shelving, separation and adequate ventilation making a strong, safe and secure storage unit.
‚ÄčAll Chemsheds include following features:

Double-walled 1.2mm zincaneal construction
Galvanised adjustable shelves channelled with drain holes for accidental spills.
Baked enamel lead-free paint inside and out, eliminating corrosion issues
All doors have neatly rounded edges preventing injury
Sequential closing doors 
Large warning labels
Ventilation ducts with built-in flame arrestors
Compliant 150mm deep fully welded liquid tight sump
Non-sparking 3-point latching doors
Protected self-closing door mechanism.

All Flammable Chemshed Stores comply with the requirements of AS1940-2004 as follows:

Each cabinet is marked with the name and address of the manufacturer
Each cabinet is marked with the maximum storage capacity
A Class 3 dangerous goods label with sides of at least 250mm nominal
A sign bearing the words, 'NO SMOKING, NO IGNITION SOURCES WITHIN 3M' in lettering at least 50mm high

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The baby in the Chemshed family, this under-bench unit is a great little asset in laboratories or places where you only have small amounts of Class 8 liquid to store.  

Built to meet and exceed the design requirements of the AS3780 standard.

Lockable self-closing door
Non-spark closure
One adjustable shelf (plus base)
Weighs 33kg


External dimensions: 500 x 450 x 800mm (w,d,h)
Internal dimensions: 418 x 370 x 553mm (w,d,h)

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