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Erweka Dissolution Offline System (ERW-OFFLINE)

Erweka Dissolution Offline System


The ERWEKA offline dissolution systems are controlled by an DT 820 series dissolution tester which supports the storage of the test parameters for up to 100 different products.

The DT 820 series comes with integrated intelligence for controlling the offline sampling system, which consists of a autosampling station connected to the DT, an  8 channel peristaltic pump IPC 8 and the autosampler FRL 824 for storing the samples into glas tubes or sealed HPLC vials. This configuration does not require an additional PC or any software and therefore saves space, money and last but not least software validation work.

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Sampling Station

The ERWEKA sampling station with automatic height adjustment takes into account the applied method and the used media volume.

Similar to manual sampling the tubes (stainless steel or non-corrosive Titanium) are inserted into the media only for sampling and removed afterwards. Since this system adheres to USP requirements, crossvalidation is not required.


Peristaltic Pump IPC 8

IPC 8 peristaltic pump
With the standard ERWEKA 8-channel peristaltic pump IPC 8 the sample is withdrawn from the test vessel and transferred to the Autosampler FRL 824.

The pump tubings are made of Verderprene (similar to Fluoropolymer) to prevent the absorption of active ingredients previously associated with peristaltic pumps and silicone tubing.

Autosampling with FRL 824

FRL series may store samples into glass tubes or sealed HPLC vials (1.5 or 4 ml capacity)
Dosing is performed by overfilling and leveling or 3-way solenoid valves incorporated into the fraction collector.
There are several sampling possibilities of max. 26 sampling intervals into glass tubes or glass tubes and sealed/unsealed HPLC vials as well as media replacement.

Alternatively to the standard pump a high pressure piston pump PVP 820 allows filtration from 0.22 μm  Peristaltic pump from 1 μm).

For the drawer platform of the the ERWEKA fraction collector different racks are offered:

26 x 8 glass tubes 12 ml
18 x 8 glass tubes 25 ml
26 x 8 HPLC vials 1.5 ml
26 x 8 HPLC vials 4.0 ml
14 Vessel Offline Systems with new DT 161x
In combination with the 14 vessel DT 161x  automated sampling and media replacement  can be performed in 14 vessels simultaneously. In this case a peristaltic pump IPC is included in the system.

Ultra Filtration (below 1.0 μm) - AFC 825

AFC 825 automatic 8-channel filter changer with max. 25 filters/channel.
For HPLC analysis (but also to fulfil the regulations of the Japanese and Russian Pharmacopeia) filtration below 1.0 μm has to be performed.
Since filters below 1.0 μm porosity usually are blocked after use they have to be exchanged after each sampling interval.

ERWEKA has developed the AFC 825 Filter Changer, which automatically exchanges the used membrane filters (brands on request) for new ones.

The AFC 825 can be used in Offline Systems (controlled via the DT 820 Dissolution Tester) as well as in UV-VIS On- and UV-VIS Off-/Online Systems (controlled via the ERWEKA Dissolution Software).

Filtration down to 0.22 μm is possible in combination with the high-pressure PVP 820 Piston Pump (1.0 μm in combination with Syringe- and Peristaltic Pumps).

Filters can be exchanged either after each testrun or after each sample withdrawal interval.

Dissolution Tester/s



IPC 8 peristaltic pump 8-channel peristaltic pump,  RS 232 serial interface for external control,touch sensitive keys and LC display, Verderprene tubing for elimination of absorption of active ingredients

Fraction Collector FRL 824

Fraction Collector for sampling up to 24 sampling intervals; movable tray for easy exchange of racks; 1 driven Dosing Arm with 8 stainless steel (optional Titanium) Dosing Tubes, RS 232 Interface for external control by the Dissolution Tester itself.

Sampling Containers

26x 8 glass tubes of 12 ml capacity; 16x 8 glass tubes of 25 ml capacity; 26x 8 HPLC vials of 1.2 ml or 4.0 ml capacity

Membrane Piercing

The FRL 824 offers HPLC vial membrane piercing to fill into sealed HPLC vials

Media Replenishment

The FRL 824 offers to replenish the withdrawn (stored) media volume by fresh media from a integrated container.


As option the FRL 824 automates dilution of the stored sample up to 1:10 with an accuracy of ± 0.1 ml (10 ml syringes)


± 0.1 ml (10 ml syringes)


fluoropolymer tubing


The FRL 824 offers an automated cleaning routine between each sampling interval

System Control

DT 820 Series for control via the Dissolution Tester of a complete Offline-System including ERWEKA Sample Transfer Pump and Fraction Collector. DT 820 Series with memory for up to 40 monographs.

System Control

System control by the ERWEKA Dissolution Software. Including  PC, monitor, keypad, printer and intelligent interface box, type DissoBox. Software pre-installed and pre-configured. (Dissolution Tester may be purchased without optional "i" upgrade menu).


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