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Disprep 100 (ERW-DISPREP)

Disprep 100


The ideal unit for media preparation! Not only does the Disprep 100 degas is accordance with USP/EP guidelines, it also increases the throughput of the dissolution tester and protects the user when working with concentrates.

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The ERWEKA Media Preparation and -Degassing unit allows automatic mixing from water and concentrate, pre-heating and deaeration acc. to the specifications of USP, EP and GMP.

The unit saves time and makes working with acid more secure for the user.

DISPREP 100 Technical Details

Complies with USP, EP, FDA and GLP/GMP requirements.
“United States Pharmacopeia (USP) recognizes that dissolved gases in the Dissolution Media may effect Dissolution Test results and recommends that gases be removed before the test is performed
” (USP 23/NF 18)

DISPREP processes up to 8 litres of dissolution media. Media may be mixed from water and concentrated acid by weight, filtered, warmed, degassed under vacuum and mixed. When completed it is then precisely dispensed in individual volumes into up to 8 vessels. The complete sequence is accurately monitored and the value of each dispensed volume may be documented on an external printer or PC.


Acid Mixing           For the precise addition of concentrated hydrochloric acid (max. 36%) a second liquid channel is available. The composition calculation is carried out gravimetrically via a precision balance.
Filtering An easily exchangeable filter cartridge is located in-line within the fill tube. The capacity of the filter is checked automatically by monitoring the total volume filtered. The system prompts the user to change the filter.
Heating A continuous-flow heater warms the media to a pre-set temperature (2C) before degassing takes place. This promotes improved degassing and saves considerable time when heating in the Dissolution Tester.
Stirring and Mixing An electronic stirrer mixes the media in the storage tank and ensures an homogenous acid concentration.
Degassing Optimum degassing is achieved by exposing the incoming warmed media to a constant vacuum of better 700 mbar below atmospheric and stirring.
Fills and Dispense The processing of 8 litres of media is completed within 15 min. Each vessel is filled directly in the Dissolution Tester by means of a dispensing tube. High precision dispensing (0.5%) requires approx. 25 sec. to dispense 1.000 ml.
Time and Cost Saving With the DISPREP media mixture, degassing and pre-heating can be performed without user intervention. Precise media dispensing directly into the vessel saves time and unnecessary media handling. Pre-Heating the media saves time between test, increasing the throughput of the Tester.
Process and Dosage Validation All internal dosage events are controlled using a precision balance. Introduction of the liquids, mixing of the water and concentrated acid and dispensing accurate volumes into each vessel is precisely controlled and documented each step of the way. Calibration of the dispensing action is fast and easy to perform via the integrated programme menu. The Calibration can be documented when an external printer is connected.
Interfaces Serial RS 232 Interface for data transfer Parallel Printer Port

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