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Multicheck V (ERW-MULTIV)

Multicheck V


The Multicheck V allows fully automatic testing of weight, thickness, hardness and diameter/length of round, odd shaped and sugar coated samples. Operation and cleaning of the transport system is fully automatic and self-adjusting.

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The ERWEKA MULTICHECK V is a completely newly designed tool for full automatic measurement of sample weight, thickness, diameter and hardness.

The advanced design of the unit beginning even from the outside, shows the innovative functions of the unit such as switchable hardness-testing-principle (“Constant-Speed” and “Constant-Force”), fully-automatic speed adjustment of tablet singulation and transport, independent of sample size and surface, advanced high-accuracy thickness measuring system and state-of-the-art alignment tool for unusually shaped oblongs and coated tablets.


Cleaning of the unit is more simple than ever! Pressing a button the optional 12-station magazine will drive to the side and the acrylic glass cover of the unit will automatically open. For loading of the magazine with samples the magazine will drive in front to allow easy sample load.

The unit is handled by a hand-held operation unit with Windows CE based user menu, 3.5” TFT colour monitor, alpha-numeric touch-screen entry, 32 MB-RAM and Intel Xscale Processor with 300 MHz. This unit allows CFR 21/11 password protected multi-level user entry, Audit Trail acc. to CFR 21/11, product data store with tolerances for up to 100 products, limited storage of results as well as download of Audit Trail and test results to a non-connected computer (by a standard software-kit) by cable or even optional “Ethernet” or “Wireless LAN” technology. Stored product data can also be saved on a “Back-Up-Card”.



The samples are individualised automatically by a self-adjusting 3-step vibration system and then deposited onto the weight measurement boat. From there the samples are transported to the test stations by a linear feeder which allows you to align oblongs as well as odd shaped samples such as sugar coatings. In case of problematic samples a new innovative down holder in the hardness test station is available as an option. A patented step in the transport way allows you to switch tablets which tend to lay on the side.

Multicheck V - Technical Details

Fully-automatic measurement of weight, hardness, thickness and diameter/length of round and other oddly shaped samples
Singulation of samples by a self-adjusting 3-step vibration system
Motor driven opening and closing of the unit (acrylic glass cover and magazine)
Optional batch feeding magazine with 12- chambers for up to 100 samples/station
Weight measurement boat to eliminate the problems caused by dust
Linear transport of the samples to align oblongs
Automatic cleaning of transport way and test jaw
Optional down holder for alignment of problematic samples
Tests samples up to 26 mm diameter, optional up to 35 mm
Measuring range for hardness: 3 – 500 N, optional 3 – 1.000 N, accuracy 1N
Measuring range for diameter: 0.10 to 26.00 mm, optional 0.10 - 35 mm; accuracy 0.05 mm
Measuring range for thickness: 1.50 to 8.00 mm, accuracy 0.05 mm
Measuring range for weight: 20.0 mg to 50.0000 g, accuracy 0.1 mg
Product memory for up to 100 products to store nominal values and 3 tolerances under product name and number
3.5” TFT colour (65.536) monitor
Intel Xscale Prozessor, 300 MHz
32 MB Ram
Windows CE user software
Alpha-numeric or hand-written entry of  test parmeters, batch-number and remarks
Password protected, multi-level users
CRF 21/11 Audit Trail incl. software for download of electronic signature to an external computer
Integrated menu for calibration and adjustment with documentation print out
RS 232 interface for external control and storage of results by the ERWEKA Windows based software package
Parallel and USB printer interface for documentation of time, date, results and statistics
Multicheck V - Options
Colour (purple and yellow parts) of unit according to customer specification, please specify RAL colour numbers. Without additional cost!!!
Hand-held Control Device fixed with the unit (not removable). Please note that in case of fixed Control Device the CFR 21/11 Audit Trail can not be downloaded to a PC
Ethernet network connection of the unit
MULTICHECK V with 12-chamber batch feeding magazine for up to 100 samples per chamber, including upgraded programme menu
“Back-Up-Card” for data entry unit to store all entered data, such as product data and tolerances on an external card
IBM style alpha-numeric keypad connected with hand-held data entry unit for easy entry of data
“Dusty-Area-Kit” incl. dust proof cover for hand-held data entry unit
Extended measuring range, 3 – 1.000 N, accuracy 1N
Extended measuring range for diameter/length up to 35.00 mm (instead standard measuring range of up to 26.00 mm)
Down holder for alignment of difficult to position samples like sugar coatings and oblongs which only lay on a point, including one down holding tool for sugar coated tablets
Down holding tool for attachment to down holder, made according to customers product
Electronic adjustable step before the thickness measurement station to drop samples to the right side
Capsule system. The weight of capsules is determined, afterwards they are transported out of the system directly into a second container
MULTICHECK V with Mettler Balance (no integrated calibration weight!) instead standard Sartorius CP 64 balance, additional cost
MULTICHECK V Windows based hardness software to store the results of the tests and to lay down product data incl. tolerances
AUTOCAL System, automated calibration tool for calibration of the hardness test station without weights. A calibrated load cell with certificate is put into the hardness test station and connected by an intelligent interface box to the RS 232 of the MULTICHECK V. The unit will automatically adjust, calibration can be checked by linearity checking of up to 50 points within the measuring range and documented by a connected printer. Including Windows based Calibration Software
Spare Touch-Pens (3) for use with Touch-Screen of hand-held control unit

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