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TAR Tablet Friability Tester (ERW-TAR)

TAR Tablet Friability Tester


In contrast to the basic TA-Series the ERWEKA TAR-Series offers variable speed (20 to 100 rpm). The required speed is entered by the membrane keypad.

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For loading and emptying of the Friability Drum, the Drum does not have to be removed. Operation is automatic, the samples are loaded and unloaded through a opening in the Drum.

Actual and nominal speed as well as the remaining run time is constantly shown at the illuminated 4-line LC display

The unit is available for holding 1 or 2 Friability- or Abrasion Drum/s. A 10 tool for USP test of bigger samples is standard.

Optional IQ/OQ documents and -tool Kit as well ERWEKA PQ Callibration Tablets

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