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Andersen Type Cascade Impactor (ERW-ANDERSEN)

Andersen Type Cascade Impactor


The Andersen is designed for determining the particle size in accordance with the specifications laid down in USP24 and EP2000, and is available in two types: for testing MDI's, for testing DPI's

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Cascade Impactor (Andersen)

Andersen Type Cascade Impactor App. 1 Type ACI-MDI 1000

The Andersen Type Cascade Impactor ACI-MDI 1000 has been designed for the determination of particle size of Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI's)

Particles having a large enough interia will impact upon the particular stage plate whilst smaller particles will pass to the next impactor stage.

As Standard the Anderson Type Impactor ACI-MDI 1000 is manufactured of  aluminium but is also available in stainless steel or Titanium.

The standard impactor has 8 stages simulating the various parts of the human respiratory system.


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